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Designs, Engineers and Manufactures a complete range of Intrinsically safe products.

Products include Intrinsically Safe Isolators, Safety relays, Power supply, Surge arresters, Field indicators, Multiplexers for hazardous environments.

G.M. International products satisfy Customers expectations and meet the specifications of International standards. Safety, performance, reliability and product documentation are the basic principles of product Quality.

G.M. International is ISO 9001:2015 standard qualified.
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Intrinsic safe isolators

Intrinsically Safe Isolators (up to SIL3)

Intrinsically Safe Galvanic Isolators provide the most simple and cost effective means of implementing Intrinsic Safety into Hazardous Area applications.


PSS1250 3 D

SIL 3 Power Supplies

SIL 3 certified, 24 Vdc modular power supply suitable for installation in safe area and Zone/Division 2. Designed for 100% Availability and High Integrity applications; built-in load sharing in both DIN rail and Rack mounted solutions

PSD1220PSW1250 old

D9000 surge protection

D9000 Series: surge protection for hazardous areas

Every year explosions endanger people, systems and plants around the world. 
Several industrial environments are classified as hazardous areas: places where explosion risks exist, or may exist, due to the presence of combustible, flammable substances and potential sources of ignition. In addition, electronic systems used on process plants are always at risk from surges caused by power faults or nearby lighting strikes. These surges could also affect systems located in or connected to hazardous areas as well as those in safe areas.
Electronic systems rely on high performance of electronic components that have to be designed considering aspects like faster operation, smaller dimensions and lower power consumption. These factors reduce the ability to dissipate any significant applied energy and increase the exposure to overvoltage and surge currents. So, a surge protection is needed to ensure safety and availability of a plant.

Multiplexer system

Multiplexer systems

When a consistent quantity of variables must be made available to a distant location, instead of wiring each process variable signal with long individual connection lines up to the control room, it is advantageous to connect all input signals to a conveniently located fi eld Multiplexer with short connections lines to the sensors. Data is then sent through a single communication line to the remote monitoring area. Multiplexer solutions are available both for Intirnsically Safe applications and for HART® compatible transmitters.

D2010M MultiplexerD2030M multiplexer5700 Hart Modem

Safety Relays

Safety Relays (Up to SIL3)

GMI relay modules suitable for the switching of safety related circuits, up to SIL 3 level according to IEC 61508:2010 Ed.2 for high risk industries.


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