PSD1220 20A 24V SIL3 Power Supply

SD1220 is the latest addition to the GM International power supply line, offering an innovative 20 Amps DIN Rail unit. It supersedes predecessor model PSD1210 doubling the output capacity, yet retaining the exact same dimensions, terminal blocks and mounting arrangements.Compact in size, yet fully featured: from SIL3 certification to automatic load sharing, high efficiency and suitable for installation in classified areas.

PSW1250 old

PSW1250 50A 24V SIL3 Power Supply

PSW1250 is the most powerful unit GM International can offer in a single Wall or Din Rail mounted solution. Innovative design and state-of-the-art circuitry have been used to provide 50 AMPS in such a small package; with efficiency higher than 89%. All the features of the rack mounted series are made available in this compact solution with SIL 3 certification and installation in + 70°C ambient temperature.

PSS1250 3 D

PSS1250 Zone 2 Hot Swapping Feature

In case of external short circuit, PSS1250 system delivers a very high peak current (800A) for a duration of 0.5 ms to guarantee the instant opening of the protective fuse or circuit breaker to avoid power shut-down. Other equipment connected to the load are not affected by the failure event and continue to operate without interruption.

Hot swapping solution; also certified for Zone 2 installation

• Power supply is close to the load, in Hazardous Area

• Less cables, lower voltage drop, lower costs

• Connection and Disconnection under power without interrupting operations (Certified)


PSS1250 configuration example

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