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Universal Monitors & Tachometers Speed Transmitter & Magnetic Pickup

In October 2011 Dynalco Controls was merged with our sister company Barksdale Controls and is now a division of Barksdale. Dynalco was started in 1968, with three products and a goal of producing engineered solutions for the oil and gas industries. In the 43 years since, Dynalco has become a worldwide industry leader, recognized for its high-quality instruments and controls used in the oil & gas, chemical, power, marine and construction industries.

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Tachometer hourmeter overspeed trip

MTH-103E Tachometer / Hourmeter / Overspeed Trip

The MTH-103E is a newer version of the MTH-103D. The function, package size and wiring are the same although the MTH-103E has a keypad that replaces the old push button, making programming easier and quicker. This product features a  5- digit tachometer, hourmeter, and trip. The trip can be programmed to activate on overspeed, underspeed (Class C), or hours. It may be magnetic pickup or DC-powered. CSA-approved Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D. When powered by an approved pickup, it is approved Class I, Division 1, Groups A, B, C and D.

Magnetic Pickup
Magnetic Pickups

We offer the largest selection of variable reluctance sensors for speed and direction sensing as well as flow, power, counting, timing and synchronization. Third-party approvals available.

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SC-2124 Scanner

Our SC2124 scanner/controller is a microprocessor based controller that has   24 channels of Analog input, offers Class A, B or C alarms and shutdowns and 4 relay outputs for controls.  CSA approved.

The SC-2000 series microprocessor-based scanners continuously samples temperature, pressure, and other analog signals. The large multi-informational display indicates both the value of each channel and any alarm conditions.

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A variety of digital tachometers are manufactured. Most popular models are self-powered, heavy-duty instruments that are highly immune to electrical interference and corrosive environments. Most are third-party approved that makes them deal for harsh industrial and marine applications.

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Speed switch transmitter
Speed Switches/Transmitters

Our speed switches and transmitters are available in a variety of forms. We offer DIN size, DIN Rail mount and the traditional brick style. With single to 4 relay outputs and third-party approvals we are able to handle any requirements you may have.

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