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Generator Controls & Power Management Systems

Digital Excitation Control Systems

RegulProcess is born form the collaboration of engineers in Energy willing to shar with their customers, their expertise in the field of voltage regulation for synchronous machines.
Our team with his director and technical peoples capitalized more than 20 years of experienc on differnet sizes of alternators- ranging from 200Kva to 600Mva and different applications - hydro, steam, gas, diesel

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DR700 analog voltage regulator


DR700 type voltage regulators is a 32-bit microprocessor using an IGBT bridge for a synchronous generator.
DR700 can fit for any application that allow up to 7 amps nominal excitation and is perfect fit for brushless AC generators.

DR2100 digital voltage regulator
DR 2100

DR2100 is a control system delicated to control synchronous generatros equipment with
rotating exciters or working directly into the generator main field in Shunt Static excitation

DR1200 digital voltage regulator
DR 1200


DR1200 is a digital and compact solution for small and medium size generators maninly for applications using exciter.

It integrates an IGBT power bridge supplying up to 15A excitation current.

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