D5000 series SIL3 / SIL2

GM International D5000 series uses state-of-the-art solutions to achieve the highest performance for Intrinsically Safe applications; guaranteed by over 15 certification bodies all over the world. Fully automated assembly line; 100% complete individual testing; Advance low dissipationcircuitry; Use of high temperature class components; Absence of electrolytic capacitors; G3 conformal coating; Designed for vibration and high humidity; are just some of the factors that guarantee a product with:

• High signal transfer accuracy and repeatability

• Very low heat dissipation

• High reliability; SIL certified for 20 years useful life time


D1000 series SIL3 / SIL2

The D1000 series has some innovated designs to make installation and operation safe and simple. Some of the key features include removable blue & grey Terminals for easy installation, a plug in PCB which can be removed for easy service and maintenance operations. Configuration is via DIP switches allowing an easy and simple field setup.


Safety Relays SIL3 / SIL2

SIL Certified Relays are used for critical loops where careful consideration should be given to Line and Load Monitoring. In a De-energize to Safety application a wire/coil failure leads to a safety status. In an Energize to Safety application line failures leads to a dangerous status. In both cases failure detection is important, if not essential.


D6000 series SIL2

GM International SIL 2 certified Isolators are suitable for applications in all industrial sectors and designed to achieve the highest possible reliability and availability through the use of high temperature class components and low dissipation circuitry. By avoiding the use of electrolytical capacitors, and with state-of-the-art assembly and testing facilities, 20 years useful life time is achieved.

SEG, protection relays, relays, power, line, transmission line, power protection.