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WOODWARD Generator Controls & Power Management Systems

Woodward has a legacy as the "benchmark" in the distributed power generation industry for high-quality, reliable synchronizers, load sharing controls and generator controllers. These modern integrated engine-generator controllers provide full control and protection capability for a multitude of generator applications -- from isolated, emergency standby gensets to parallel operation of multiple generators in complex distribution systems.

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Engine Starting Systems

Since the late 1950s Tech Development (TDI) honed its precision machining craft by creating some of the world’s most sophisticated turbine air simulators for the aerospace industry. Their mastery of reliable and durable turbine blade machinery earned the company a reputation that garnered a significant amount of custom project work in the growing turbine-related industries.
TDI soon became an international leader in turbine technology and the manufacturing of sophisticated custom machinery. The company’s core understanding of the movement of air, power, coupled with its ability to design and manufacture sophisticated rotating devices was a ripe environment for the development of new products.

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Marine Engine Monitoring & Controls Speed Switches

Auto-Maskin (pronounced “Auto-Machine”) has been successfully protecting our customer’s investments for more than 30 years.

Developing solutions appropriate to needs, defining the next steps forward in a rapidly changing business and technical environment, by creating a team of experts who are leaders in their fields.
Auto-Maskin has become the trusted supplier for solutions that require the best in protection, functionality, quality and compliance to global standards.

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G.M. International

Designs, Engineers and Manufactures a complete range of Intrinsically safe products.

Products include Intrinsically Safe Isolators, Safety relays, Power supply, Surge arresters, Field indicators, Multiplexers for hazardous environments.

G.M. International products satisfy Customers expectations and meet the specifications of International standards. Safety, performance, reliability and product documentation are the basic principles of product Quality.

G.M. International is ISO 9001:2015 standard qualified.
Check out the Certificates page for details and downloads.

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SEG Electronics GmbH protection devices for power generation and distribution

SEG was founded in 1969 has been in the protection relay business for over 50 years. 

Develops and manufactures intelligent protection devices for power generation and distribution. 

Having a portfolio of easy to operate, while robust and reliable protection relays can be used for the electrical protection of generators, transformers, motors, cables, and overhead lines, as well as busbars.

SEG has designed and certified its products according IEC 60255‑1. In addition, marine certifications are available on specific models. HighPROTEC covers multiple grid codes, for example, the current G59, IEEE 1547 and VDE 4110. And you can count on SEG to stay on top of the constantly evolving grid standards around the world.



Battery Charger & Power Supply Modules

The BAE range of products are specially selected based on their reliability and quality together with their function and features to meet the cusotmer stringent requirement.

All BAE products are CE marked and tested


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Generator Controls & Power Management Systems

Protective Relays

For over 50 years, Broyce Control has grown and developed to become one of the industry’s leading UK design, manufacturer and supplier of electrical and electronic products. Our extensive range of products are designed to control, monitor and protect a multitude of applications.

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Universal Monitors & Tachometers Speed Transmitter & Magnetic Pickup

In October 2011 Dynalco Controls was merged with our sister company Barksdale Controls and is now a division of Barksdale. Dynalco was started in 1968, with three products and a goal of producing engineered solutions for the oil and gas industries. In the 43 years since, Dynalco has become a worldwide industry leader, recognized for its high-quality instruments and controls used in the oil & gas, chemical, power, marine and construction industries.

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Barcol-air Air Handling

From its beginning Barcol-Air has specialized in the designing, developing and realizing the perfect indoor thermal climate with commercial air-conditioning systems. Working closely with clients, consultants, architects and research organizations, Barcol-Air seeks to create an indoor climate which offers an optimum in terms of comfort and energy efficiency.

From its origins in Europe the Barcol-Air brand has grown in reputation with worldwide operations specializing in commercial air conditioning, the indoor environment and expertise in low energy air conditioning systems.

Barcol-Air are experts in chilled beam systems, chilled ceiling systems, VAV systems, induction VAV systems and low temperature and anti-condensation air conditioning systems. Its low energy systems are well suited to first class office buildings, public buildings, hotels, hospitals, laboratory buildings, and industrial application.

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Relay & Measuring Instruments


Industrial Relays & Railway Relays

Mors Smitt serves the rolling stock industry with components such as relays, safety critical electronics and complete measuring and control solutions. The needs of the signalling / infrastructure industry are served with vital relays and safety testers.

Industrial Technology

Serving the maritime, manufacturing, power generation and ‘installation’ domains with proven reliable relays, panel indicators and test & measuring equipment. Products and solutions that work unquestioningly over a long effective life.

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Vehicle controls

Leveraging over 75 years of experience in vehicle controls, Williams Controls offers a family of solutions including: electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic throttle controls, configurable joysticks, adjustable pedal systems, sensors, hand controls, and armrest systems.

The products are the legacy of the Williams Controls company founded in 1937 and acquired by Curtiss-Wright in 2012.

With worldwide customer support and rapid product development capabilities, Williams is able to provide reliable, high quality designs.

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Engine Control Modules and Speed Switches

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Web-Enabled Power & Building Facility Management Systems

Automated Logic is your total energy solutions provider. For more than 30 years, we have been dedicated to designing easy-to-use building automation systems that provide the highest possible energy efficiency, while ensuring occupant comfort.

Through our global team of company branches and independently-owned dealers, we offer industry-leading technology with local, on-the-ground service that is hard to beat.

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Relay & Measuring Instruments

Ultrasonic Level Measurement Solutions with Wireless Options

Solid Applied Technologies Ltd (SolidAT) was incorporated in year 2000. Three years later the company launched its first line of Level Sensors based on Ultrasonic technology. In year 2005, the company established the MonoScan sensor as one of the leading products worldwide. MonoScan presented a unique, cost-effective, long-range (15m), Intrinsic Safe sensor of a compact design. Five years later SolidAT launched another innovative sensor - GaugerGSM, level sensor integrated with cellular transmitter. GaugerGSM is focused specifically on remote level monitoring projects. MonoScan and GaugerGSM are accompanied by additional sensor lines including SmartScan and gauger420. In year 2012, SolidAT launched a web-based monitoring software application for remote monitoring projects.

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Relay & Measuring Instruments



ATAL provides various universal multi-channel dataloggers with programmable inputs. Monitoring and recording of temperature, humidity, CO2, pressure, differential pressure, air velocity, flow, voltage, current, energy consumption, power... Alarming per SMS, Email, relay, buzzer, SNMP traps Communication through RS232, RS485, USB, Ethernet, GSM Available with display, very accurate, applicable to permanent measuring in for example food industry and laboratories.

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Generator Controls & Power Management Systems

Beckwith Electric's products include tapchanger, regulator, and capacitor controls, protective relays, custom services and solutions, and equipment for synchronizing and motor bus transfer.
Customers include electric utilities, large industrial companies, original equipment manufacturers and owners of alternative sources of energy. 

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Engine Starting Systems

IPU Group design and manufacture high quality, engine starting, engine control, fuel and oil conditioning products for critical diesel and gas engine applications. Our engineered solutions provide reliability and confidence where you need it most – for power generation, the oil and gas industry, offshore and marine, industrial and off highway applications. By applying our knowledge and expertise we help you to be certain of your equipment productivity, performance and safety.

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Generator Controls & Power Management Systems

Digital Excitation Control Systems

RegulProcess is born form the collaboration of engineers in Energy willing to shar with their customers, their expertise in the field of voltage regulation for synchronous machines.
Our team with his director and technical peoples capitalized more than 20 years of experienc on differnet sizes of alternators- ranging from 200Kva to 600Mva and different applications - hydro, steam, gas, diesel

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Woodward Engine Solenoids

Woodward solenoids have proven to be robust and reliable for over 80 years.
World-class engine manufacturers globally rely upon Woodard for electro-mechanical control solutions that survive the harshest standards and most extreme specifications in the industry.
Our full line includes standard and custom solenoids for continuous, intermittent, and pull-hold cycle actuation.
Whatever your stroke, force, voltage, mounting, sealing, or contamination protection requirements, Woodward has a solenoid to meet your needs. Or, we can custom design one for your exact specifications.

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Fuel consumption monitoringFuel tank


TECHNOTON Fuel consumption monitoring system

Technoton was established in April 2000, at the early stage of emerging market of automotive telematics and GPS tracking systems. We started with development and manufacture of GPS tracking devices, fuel level sensors and fuel flow meters. Soon we focused on solving tasks of fuel consumption measurement and fuel usage monitoring, safe CANbus data reading and analysis.

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