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SEG Electronics GmbH protection devices for power generation and distribution

SEG was founded in 1969 has been in the protection relay business for over 50 years. 

Develops and manufactures intelligent protection devices for power generation and distribution. 

Having a portfolio of easy to operate, while robust and reliable protection relays can be used for the electrical protection of generators, transformers, motors, cables, and overhead lines, as well as busbars.

SEG has designed and certified its products according IEC 60255‑1. In addition, marine certifications are available on specific models. HighPROTEC covers multiple grid codes, for example, the current G59, IEEE 1547 and VDE 4110. And you can count on SEG to stay on top of the constantly evolving grid standards around the world.

SEG Electronics HighTECH Line Example


HighTECH Line

The modular protection devices from SEG Electronics for low voltage, medium voltage, and lower high voltage level have numerous and complex protection functions. The protection range includes basic time overcurrent protection, machine protection and high-grade differential protection.

In addition to relays with single protection functions, available are also multi-function protection. Devices are designed for door mounting, either in separate housings or in 19“ racks. For back panel mounting, an adapter is also available.

Thanks to our “plug-in” technology with automatic short-circuit mechanism for the current inputs, these relays can be changed during operation. LEDs and an alpha-numerical display show clear text indication of measuring, setting and fault values, and allow intuitive operation. Coupling to your SCADA system is achieved via the standardized interface.

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SEG Professional Line Example

Professional Line

The digital single-function or multi-function relays from SEG Electronics provide all common protection functions for low and medium voltage applications and are designed for DIN rail mounting.

Rated voltage and frequency can be set by means of DIP switches; pick-up values and tripping delays via potentiometers.

The wide-range power supply for AC and DC make the relays universal.

An optionally available interface adapter enables the devices to communicate with the Windows ® PC software Smart view. 


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SEG Electronics HighPROTECH Example


HighPROTEC – the Easy Solution for Medium Voltage Applications

The HighPROTEC line offers an outstanding solution for reliable medium voltage protection of distribution, generator, substation and motor. The innovative PC tool minimizes commissioning and training costs. The high degree of proven reliability guaranties high availability of your electrical grid and equipment. Each model type has the flexibility to handle the many variations that can be encountered in a specific application. The "All Inclusive Concept" of HighPROTEC devices offers you a complete portfolio of protection functions, plus the operating and setting software Smart view and a tool for analyzing disturbance records, and all that without any hidden costs or extra fees.

New: HighPROTEC Release 3.7, KEMA Type Test

The KEMA has certified that all HighPROTEC devices are compliant with all requirements of IEC 60255-1:2009.


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