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Engine Starting Systems

Since the late 1950s Tech Development (TDI) honed its precision machining craft by creating some of the world’s most sophisticated turbine air simulators for the aerospace industry. Their mastery of reliable and durable turbine blade machinery earned the company a reputation that garnered a significant amount of custom project work in the growing turbine-related industries.
TDI soon became an international leader in turbine technology and the manufacturing of sophisticated custom machinery. The company’s core understanding of the movement of air, power, coupled with its ability to design and manufacture sophisticated rotating devices was a ripe environment for the development of new products.

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TDI T6 & T7 TurboTwister series

TurboTwister is Unmatched for Power & Versatility    
One Starter for Engines from 20 to 150 Liters!

TurboTwister is pound-for-pound the most powerful air starter in the industry. Through simplicity in design, the size and weight are remarkably compact for the output it delivers. It delivers more power per unit of air than even our TurboTwin design. And the flexibility to run 45-150 psig/ 3.1-10.3 BAR makes it an affordable solution for application on engines from 20 to 150 liters.


TDI T20 Series

A New Low – 12hp @20 psi.
When you need serious starting power at low pressure, nothing delivers more performance than the new TurboTwin T20. It’s the new low pressure starting champion.

Packages as Small as 6 Inches Long Delivering up to 15hp!
It’s 15hp in the palm of your hands. T20 is the ultimate combination of big power at low pressure in a durable, robust package. It’s high performance starting designed for reliability in the world’s harshest environments.

Ideal for Underground Mining Applications.
The all steel exterior construction of the T20 coupled with its small footprint and low pressure capability make it perfect for starting engines up to 6 liters displacement.

TDI T100 Series

T100 Series Turbine Air Starters

Uncompromising Performance and Reliability for Large Engines up to 300 Liters

T100-B and T100-V provide ultimate reliability for large engines up to 300 liters.  Long cranking cycles, contaminated air, and improper maintenance have almost no effect on the T100.   Available in inertia-engaged and pre-engaged models, the T100 is the one starter you can rely on for your most critical applications.

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