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Solid Applied Technologies Ltd (SolidAT) was incorporated in year 2000. Three years later the company launched its first line of Level Sensors based on Ultrasonic technology. In year 2005, the company established the MonoScan sensor as one of the leading products worldwide. MonoScan presented a unique, cost-effective, long-range (15m), Intrinsic Safe sensor of a compact design. Five years later SolidAT launched another innovative sensor - GaugerGSM, level sensor integrated with cellular transmitter. GaugerGSM is focused specifically on remote level monitoring projects. MonoScan and GaugerGSM are accompanied by additional sensor lines including SmartScan and gauger420. In year 2012, SolidAT launched a web-based monitoring software application for remote monitoring projects.

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smart level meters sensors
SmartScan 50

SmartScan50 is a two-part, 4-wire ultrasonic level sensor for continuous level measurement in challenging applications. The sensor measures up to 12 meters (39') with liquid targets. SmartScan50 is a perfect solution for pump control application, supporting five independent relays.

2 wire ultrasonic meter sensor

MonoScan line of ultrasonic continuous level sensors are 2-wire, cost effective compact design, featuring 4-20mA output for open applications and solids. Long range up to 15 meters is available in this compact 2-wire design. The product is an ideal solution for simple and direct installations. Automatic compensation for temperature variations and Gas compensation are supported. An integrated keypad allows fast and simple configuration. MonoScan is also available as an EX (Intrinsic Safe) model.

Gauger ultrasonic level sensor
Gauger 485

Gauger485 is a level sensor solution for applications interfacing external devices such as a radio modem, GPS receiver, multiple relay controller, WiFi converter, computing devices and many more. Gauger485 level sensors can also communicate with each other or with GaugerGSM for applications such as differential level measurement or adjacent multiple tank level measurements.

The use of serial character-based output is simple, reliable and more accurate than 4-20 analog interface. When viewed directly on a PC or laptop, no custom software is required. Data may be viewed by standard hyper-terminal applications.

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