Gauger ultrasonic level sensor
Gauger 485

Gauger485 is a level sensor solution for applications interfacing external devices such as a radio modem, GPS receiver, multiple relay controller, WiFi converter, computing devices and many more. Gauger485 level sensors can also communicate with each other or with GaugerGSM for applications such as differential level measurement or adjacent multiple tank level measurements.

The use of serial character-based output is simple, reliable and more accurate than 4-20 analog interface. When viewed directly on a PC or laptop, no custom software is required. Data may be viewed by standard hyper-terminal applications.

Gauger GSM Unified System

Gauger GSM

GaugerGSM is a compact integration of a non-contact ultrasonic level sensor with a GSM cellular transmitter. Sensor measurement range for liquids is up to 8m (26') and optional 9.5m (31'). For solid targets, range is typically 70% of liquid range. The sensor exhibits very short dead-zone of 15cm (6"), crucial in diesel tank monitoring. Sensor is coated PVDF, suitable for chemically aggressive targets as present in sewers. Sealing rate is IP68 for outdoor use. The sensor with its accessories is available as a certified model Intrinsic Safe for use in explosive atmosphere (ATEX/IECEX). GaugerGSM may be operated by external battery pack or solar panel and can be ordered with or without display. Advanced firmware algorithms extract false echoes, compensate for temperature and handle turbulent targets.