TDI T20 Series

A New Low – 12hp @20 psi.
When you need serious starting power at low pressure, nothing delivers more performance than the new TurboTwin T20. It’s the new low pressure starting champion.

Packages as Small as 6 Inches Long Delivering up to 15hp!
It’s 15hp in the palm of your hands. T20 is the ultimate combination of big power at low pressure in a durable, robust package. It’s high performance starting designed for reliability in the world’s harshest environments.

Ideal for Underground Mining Applications.
The all steel exterior construction of the T20 coupled with its small footprint and low pressure capability make it perfect for starting engines up to 6 liters displacement.

Great for Low Pressure Gas Applications.
Low pressure, dirty, or wet gas is no problem for the T20. The T20 sets the new standard for reliable performance in the world\'s most challenging applications.

Easy Upgrade Replacement of Electric Starters.
TDI designers did everything possible to help end users tired of electric and vane-type starters to upgrade to turbine technology. Compare specs, size, air requirements, footprints, and exhaust options. Improving reliability and performance is seamless with T20.

Efficient Exhaust Design with Many Configurations.
Exhaust configurations are available for the many applications customers might require.

TurboTwin Field-Proven Reliability.
The TurboTwin Brand owns the distinction of having the most air/gas turbine starters in the field, and the most turbine air starters operating in the world’s harshest and most demanding environments. There is a reason TurboTwin is the number one choice of system integrators, packagers, and aftermarket end
users – “unparalleled starting reliability.”

For more information, please visit here.

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