Active Chilled Beam SystemActive Chilled Beam System 2

Active Chilled Beam System

The active chilled beam system works on the principle of using a chilled water heat exchanger installed in a terminal in the ceiling to offset the sensible cooling loads in the occupied space. The system uses primary conditioned air introduced through the chilled beam terminal for ventilation and humidity control and to create the induction of room air through the terminal heat exchanger using special air nozzles.

This system has become very popular in Europe due to its energy saving capability and also because the amount of air flow required is very low and as such 100% fresh air can be used for the primary air source. This results in excellent air quality and also makes the system very suitable for hospitals and medical facilities which want to eliminate recirculated air which can result in cross contamination. 

airfit 4 600airfit H                                      Airfit active chilled beam

                AIRFIT 4-600                                       AIRFIT HAIRFIT                                 Series Active Chilled Beam  AIRFIT 2-300 / AIRFIT 2-500 / AIRFIT 2-600
                Airfit fa 600

   Active Chilled Beam AIRFIT FA-600 with added ventilation

Klima active chilled beam

KLIMA Series Active Chilled Beam
KLIMA 2-500 / KLIMA 2-600