DCU 305 R3

The proven choice for classed, low-cost mechanical engines.

The DCU 305 R3 includes an interface to the engine J1939 CANbus data link.

In addition, it combines the Classification Society requirements for separate monitoring and safety functions in one unit.

The DCU 305 R3 LT is a simpler version without the J1939 CANbus interface.

With a simplified and revised user interface, with easy menu-driven navigation, the DCU 305 R3 is a natural choice for more sophisticated base engines requiring cost-effective supervision.

The included wire terminal module RK-66 has multiple I/O channels, where some have fixed functionality and others are configurable to any available function or event.

Expansion of physical I/O is available if necessary. The AK-6 unit add six 4-20 mA channels and the MK-14 unit add 14 relay channels.

The unit is fully prepared to communicate on Modbus RTU to a ships alarm system or to its own remote panel RSP 305.

Finally, configuring the unit is a breeze with the user friendly Windows software Rudolf R3.

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